Trip to Severn Valley Railway

Took a ride out to the Severn Valley Railway yesterday. Trains running again. Great location.


Nice flying. Very well captured.


Steam engine and drone, what could be better!. Excellent footage.


Well that video got me a ban off one of the FB groups.


Nice footage, a great location I haven’t visited for 25 years, so thanks for the memory! Also I don’t know if anyone else noticed the other drone buzz through the top right of frame at 4.11! Close call!

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Hi Mark,
I am pretty new to all of this, so can you explain the reason that this video got you banned from the FB group? I ditched FB a few years ago following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, but just interested to know what their reasons were.
Nice video by the way … and I too spotted the drone whizz past … did you know it was up there with you?

Yes I knew it was there as it was a mate who was with me. I got binned because it was deemed I was too close to the lines. I didn’t think I was, but lessons learnt about posting in certain groups. But all sorted with the admins now.


Beautiful wee video thank for sharing and FB need to check out all the half naked folk on it before banning a vid of a train lol