Tripltek Tablet - Feedback From Owners?

Anyone out there got one? Which one ?

i am conisdering buying and wondering why I wouldnt go for the base model?


I can’t say I own one myself, but you might want to give this video a watch if you haven’t already?

I do like Billy Kyle’s stuff - you do occasionally find yourself wishing he would take a deep breath once in a while, but he gets the info across!

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Because it’s locked on Android 8.1

The Pro runs v9.0 and has an Octocore processor that runs 30% faster than the standard spec model.

If you’re thinking of investing in this tablet for use with the DJI Fly app, you’re going to need that extra horsepower (and higher Android version) sooner rather than later.

The Pro is also only £54 more than the std.


Looks awesome, but £650 I think it’s a little steep.
Not saying is not worth it, just a lot to fork out for a little tablet.

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I posted some details about this tablet back in Jan in this thread:

The 1200nits brightness is a key feature, it’s brighter than a DJI Smart Controller. It doesn’t have DJIs crazy locked down Android either which means you can run any app you like on it, including the latest version of Fly.

@PaulE has one, not sure which model he had though. Maybe he can share some first hand experience for you @Gkinghrn

I’ve been tempted by one for a while but since the leak of the Autel Smart Controller became a reality, I’m hold off this tablet for now :blush:

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Hi guys, Yes I have the Tripletek pro because of the extra ram and better processor. I bought it from Tripletek direct and it arrived within 1 week from Florida.

The build quality is superb I never fear droping it as its construction is very tough. It has a huge battery which lasts a long time. I use it as a tablet most of the time when its not engaged on flying duties and find it very capable. I did have a Crystalsky Ultra and as far as handling the software I find the Tripltek more reliable than the Crystalsky was and because of the size easier to handle, Touch wood I havent experienced any lockups or crashes with it as yet. Its on Android 9 which seems to work with it fine.

The brightness is great I have it set to auto and it usually runs at around 25% brightness but in sunlight it does ramp up so I have not had a problem seeing it, it comes with an anti glare screen cover which I had thought I would remove but so far its still on I find it protects the screen when its shoved in my bag

It feels expensive, good quality and would I buy one again… most definately.


Excellent info, thanks for taking the time to share @PaulE :smiley:

That was quick, how are you mate, do you remember that Crystal sky cover I bought from you well I cut it down and use it on the Tripletek now, it works a treat.

Yeah I’m good thanks, glad to see you’re still around :slight_smile:

Excellent feedback.

I saw it reviewed a few times when it first came out. Good to know the non pro is locked to 8.1 which discounts it.

The issue then is that with a £400 drone can I justify £650 for a tablet on its own just for this … I have got Apple tablets atm and the mini 4 just doesn’t cut it so it’s either a mini 5 (and my home made sunshade) or this beast …

So it’s a £300+ difference really on my next spend …though the brightness of the Tripletek makes it useful in the beach etc for reading books etc …

Does that 1200 nits brightness really let you read the screen on the brightest of days? Or is it still a bit of a struggle?

Thanks for responses so far … excellent and appreciated…

I can’t speak to 1200nits as I’ve not seen one in use but the iPad is going to be less than half that I’m guessing? The numbers are probably out there somewhere.

Could you sell an old device? To offset the cost of the new one?

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iPad is about 500 max … and yes will sell the old mini …

Think I have decided to go for it though .gulp!

One thing I have just remembered I did have a problem with some usb cables being to thick on the usb C plug end to seat properly as the seat on the tablet is recessed , Im now sorted but some cables are have a plug which is to thick, someone in the states did a wonderful pdf on the subject with measurements if I can work it out how to attach it I will post it here.

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Here is the document explaining with pics the USBC plug problem…
TripleTek Cable Measurements.pdf (357.8 KB)

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Better get my file out for the cable then lol…

Still debating buying … love it , want it but the whole thing with the mini2 is it’s ease of transport and weight …adding this plus the Thor tablet holder makes the original bag u/s so I’d need a new bag too …

Price keeps going up …

£650 for device
£69 for Thor
£5 for longer usb cable
£x for a new bag

Not much change out £800 …eek!


Did you have any problems with VAT and import duty etc buying direct from the US? There’s certainly a big price difference UK / US

Got my Tripltek Pro a couple of weeks ago, ordered on the 2 day’ish UPS shipping option and it arrived in 2 days! Strangely I didn’t have to pay any import charges…
I’ve used mine with my M2P and Mini 2 on a recent trip to Cornwall using Tripltek’s adapters for both controllers, and its been rock solid so far. I normally use a CrystalSky with my M2P but the Tripltek Pro outperforms it purely by virtue of the fact that it uses the latest version of Go4 for the M2P, it also beats my CrystalSky with it’s up to date processors. I like the CrystalSky, it has some good features, but it is severely hamstrung by old internal hardware and is proper flaky at times.
I’ve stuck a sim card in the Tripltek so its always connected, signal permitting (it also turns it into an insanely large phone!).
The only downside for me is the screen resolution is a little low by current standards. Not an issue when flying but it is noticeable to me when using as a tablet.
I’m happy with it.


Thanks for that. Good info.

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Great feedback @Torsen - thanks for sharing :smiley:

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I have also taken the plunge and bought a Tripltek 8” Pro directly from Tripltek along with a simple adaptor to allow me to use it on the DJI Controller. Much cheaper than through Amazon UK and mercifully, no duty or VAT to pay. Ordered last Friday and delivered by UPS on Tuesday. (It would have been delivered on Monday had UPS not delivered it to Southampton rather than Edinburgh).
I have set it up in my house but have not had a chance to use it with my DJI Mini 2 yet - hopefully this weekend weather permitting. It is certainly a bit heavier than a phone or iPad, but I am sure the bright display and great battery life will overcome this minor inconvenience. I have replaced the short DJI-supplied USB C cable by a 12” cable, which fits comfortably and can still be stowed in the controller when not in use.
I have fitted a SIM card (the 200Mb freebie from Three) to make sure I have live maps and can install any last minute updates after I have left WiFi coverage. The tablet settings imply that it can take dual SIM cards, but it’s not obvious where this goes unless it can be fitted in the Micro SD card slot. I will monitor how much data it uses and may have to move to a paid service.
I am looking forward to trying it out for real very soon.