Trust EBay to sell a P4


I’m looking at selling my Phantom 4 standard and was wondering whether eBay is a good place for it or not? I know that @JoeC sold his Mavic 2 Zoom on there however I don’t know whether to sell it on here, eBay or MPB.


I would get an MPB quote anyway, if you are happy with it go with them they are very reliable and give a good price. If your not happy with there valuing its non commitment and they will return the item free of charge.

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Have to admit, I was very nervous about selling my M2Z on eBay. Heard too many stories about people shipping off their expensive tech to a buyer who claims non-delivery/faulty goods/etc to get a full refund from Paypal and then vanish with the stuff too.

I don’t know how much of that is urban legend, but in the end it was pretty easy and painless.

Only thing to keep in mind if you do go down the eBay route is that PayPal takes a pretty painful chunk of whatever you get paid (3.4% I think), so price with that in mind. There are eBay fees on top of that, but they seem to do fairly regular “List for £1” offers, so you might want to wait for something like that to come around.

Oh, also if you list at a Buy it Now price it automatically now has an option for buyers to make a counter offer. Be prepared for some really low offers. I had several for my M2Z under £500. Don’t waste time replying to them, just click the button to decline the offer and forget about them…

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How you going to ship the batteries :wink:

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Hmm. Yes

Might be worth a read.

They will allow batteries to be posted IF they are fitted into the drone, but not seperately.

The Royal Mail site tells you that they do ship batteries NOT connected to the device (but shipped with it).

That document is from here

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I’d give Gumtree a shot. My MP sold within a day.

If you do use Ebay dont hand over the drone in person if they pay by PayPal. Old scam where someone wins auction and pays immediately, they then say they are local and will pick it up. 2 weeks down the line they claim they have not received it and you dont have any proof of postage for PayPal dispute. Cash only on collection.


I love and use PP all the time, but its so heavily stacked for the buyer I am very wary of using ebay for selling anymore.

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They have been trying to address that and offer more protection to sellers but still have a long way to go.

Use PayPal a lot myself. PayPal Credit is superb for splitting purchases interest free over 4 months.

Its the gift that keeps on giving ;o)


I use eBay and PayPal all the time, mostly as a buyer, I bought my MP on eBay, I have bought and sold cameras and lenses on eBay and never had a bad experience, take basic precautions when selling, always get proof of postage and if it something of value then require a signature at the other end, you can then track if it has been received, pay for extra insurance and then if Royal Mail or whoever lose it then you are covered.

eBay give you 30 days to raise a dispute and PayPal six months, they resolved an issue when I bought something from India which wasn’t as described, I returned the item via courier but it got stuck in customs in India, I proved that I had returned the item from the tracking and so PayPal gave me a full refund.

The most expensive thing I sold was a Canon 100-400mm lens for about £700, I sent it with Royal Mail Special delivery signed for next day delivery, it was fully tracked so you know it has been signed for and received.

If you do that then get a full written receipt for the item, with name, address, phone number, email address, eBay username, and PayPal account email.

PayPal didnt give a shit about any of that, loads of people lost money to that scam. As far as PayPal were concerned no proof of delivery, tough luck.

Same with buyers returning a brick in the original box and as long as they supplied the tracking info they were refunded with no recourse for seller.

Or buyer doing a charge back a month down the line. PayPal didnt take the hit, sellers account went minus.

They have tightened things up but Im still a bit wary.

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If you sell to a ‘Drone’ person you’re probably gonna be alright.

The danger is that someone opens it, crashes it then claims it was fucked when it arrived. Paypal side with the buyer, nearly always.

Try advertise it here, or keep it in the fleet, might always come in handy if you’re using it as a work tool.

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Only today I was looking at a M2Pro full flymore kit and extras flown 3 times seller says he lives on a air base and it will not take off due to NFZ, £1300 or best offer sounds good, however he says he will only accept Bank Transfer he does have good 100% feedback I was tempted but now have second thoughts, just thought I would mention this as eBay and Paypal are the topic, if he will accept PP I will buy.

I would never pay for anything on eBay other than through PayPal, he is trying to get out of paying eBay and PayPal fees. eBay would pick him up on that if he sent the message through eBay.

If you paid by bank transfer you would have no comeback at all, I wouldn’t do it.

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Thats what I thought, I will leave be thanks mate