Trying out Mavic 2 pro

Flying Near Goole M62 . Juntion 36
2ND photo naburn locks near York


Good work Uncle Paul ;o)

Very nice.
Straight out of the box or manual settings?
Any filters?

Out box no filters just set to cloudy put it up there 15 minutes 500 photos 2 sec interval all processed on drone well impressed


That camera is fantastic. The quality of the pics and vid are great… :camera:.

And maybe the pilot help a little. :wink:

That looks rock solid
I also like how you moved it slightly halfway through
Another idea is a hyper laps while doing a point of interest
Thanks Paul

How fast were you flying @paulmouncer? :thinking: :wink:

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i was using the hyperlapse free flight on mavic 2 pro very slow i think it was about 1 mph once you set it going in free mode in any direction you can you press c1 or c2 and puts drone into cruise mode very clever until you press c1 or c2 again
love my new drone

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