Trying out some exposure settings on the mini 2 and nd filters

Note no nuclear explosions in the back ground


What were your settings on each Jaybee?

JMHO, exposure bracketing does a better job than filters for stills…

If honest I only take a note to memory and use an approx as two days are never the same

I would agree but not on a mini 2 if memory serves me right it only take 3 photos which is not enough.,as an example again if memory serves me right a m2p takes 5

Not sure (I’m not connected) but litchi might offer more

I do them manually, you can take as many as you like, but you need still conditions.

on a drone ?

Yep, try it, works well, I merge them in lightroom.

i just did but only used 4 as 2 wouldnt merge

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That was quick…

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I’m on my pc, if honest yeah i know its only 4 that’s merged but not a major difference

I usually do at least 5 and use shutter speed to alter exposure, 1 correct exposure(or as near as can get) 2 up and 2 down. Easier I think than faffing with filters and your merged one has a lot more detail in the shadows.

and as i was saying i was just trying out exposure settings and i am not one for recording the details as two days are never the same, so when someone ask me what where the setting, yeah its a rough guide only

yeah but the original photos i took where not bracketed or HDR just a straight photo with different settings and a Nd filter. lol nae faffing about

I wouldn’t right off nd filters as a bad thing or a lesser thing, as they can make things very simple if memory serves me right it was a freewell 16nd filter

Sorry John I was just trying settings and ND filters as it was a really bright sunny day I just used the nd16 filter, I’ve used filters for a while so just stuck on the nd16 , no matter what filter you use for photos think of them as sun glassies and stops you from having to crank all the settings and you just use pending in what the camera see’s via settings.ref video it’s motion blur ect and again you just set to what the settings see to suit yourself.