Trying Out Wall Tap Trick

Tried doing the Wall Tap trick this evening. Harder than I thought it would be and at the end almost took my own head off :grimacing: In the goggles it sounded really close lol


Harder specially as its close to the deck

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Yeah thats true higher up probably would have been a bit easier lol I thought the netting would be good for practicing but actually I found that harder with it being ‘springy’ :laughing:

Need to try that. Yours look awesome :sunglasses:

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Cheers Howard yeah give it a go its quite fun hitting stuff on purpose for a change :grin:

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Nice. At chesterfield the other week was practising sliding down a ramp for a while. It’s good fun to hit stuff on purpose

That Mr Steele sliding down Bannister’s has a lot to answer for

That sounds like a good laugh :smiley:

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I think I will give it a try (once a suitable location is found)

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That’s not a “wall-tap” - that’s a "wall- whack. :grin:

Your not wrong :rofl:

Any wall will do :wink: Think he was mad/brave to do it into nets!!! Nets equals props wrapped, lol

I think the word youre looking for is stupid Martin :rofl:
I thought the nets would be easier but long story short it wasnt lol

Hey we all done stupid things with our quads, did you get it stuck at any point?

Too many times lol at one point I got it stuck right up at the top and had to climb up to get it back out :man_facepalming:t3: