Trying the Rugby Field

Had to get up !@*** early to avoid wind and people. Still struggling signal noise on the goggles a little and I could still feel the wind at ~8 m/s

However a real life loop. Next step with loop with an obstacle.


Used four battery pack before fatigue set-in.

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Those rugby posts are as good a place as any to start ;o)

thats analogue for you :+1:t2: you can only make it look so good. Looks fine to me :+1:t2:

What antennas have you got on your goggles?

Also you flew behind yourself a fair amount this will cause your head to block the signal back to the goggle antennas, also causing break up.

another tip double check to make sure your goggles are actually set to Race band Channel 8 :+1:t2:

These unmodified :-

I think there are on race-band channel 8. Maybe next week end someone can see If I done still setting.

yeah, with basic goggles like that the image quality you’re experiencing is normal :+1:t2: so I wouldn’t worry to much about the stratic/break up its normal :+1:t2: :slightly_smiling_face:

My wallet is giving me a dirty look at the moment. :slight_smile:

I’ve got a pair of fat shark scout box goggles you can try before you buy at the big meet if you like I’m not selling mine but at least you can get a feel for difference before buying your own set :+1:t2:

the biggest difference will be the antenna quality on the goggles. The scouts come with a built in patch antenna for directional control (for better signal point your face in the direction of the quad) and an omni directional antenna sticking out the top (this is searching for the signal in more of a globe shape around you) the reslut when paired together way better signal to the goggles and that equals less break up and static in the image :+1:t2: