Trying to do things right

Proud owner ( or should I say operator) of M2P, did the Icarus 1 online course, reading every rule and regulation known to man ( some of which not written by humans) and have searched the area for safe places to fly and big result ! I have managed to get permission from local landowner to fly from his land ( a nice stretch bordering the river Severn) cool!
Waiting on next landowner’s permission :pray: and that would give me about 8 miles of river, hills and valleys to play in.
Looks like tomorow is planned as go fly day ( test flight) :grin:


Nice work!

Nice one Rob, fancy organising meet there for local members?


:laughing: Lets all pile in!

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Will see what result from other land owner ( there’s parking places there) would be cool to get something organised.
Will keep you posted.:grinning: