Turned pen blank

Finally got around to turning a pen blank I made in 2019. It’s a pine cone in resin and should look stunning in the sun. Made for a ball point pen to give to a friend as a ‘thank you’ for helping me out.



How do you even begin something like that? :thinking:

Quick answer.
Place pine cone in flexible mould.
Mix up epoxy resin, add some glitter stuff and pore in mould.
Put under 60psi pressure until cured.
Cut blank to size, drill out centre to correct size and glue in a brass tube.
Turn to shape on lathe and finish with super-glue, sand to 12000 grit and finish with a polishing compound.

I had no idea it was that in-depth.

How long does that all take on average Kevin @Straze ?

Nice, hubby has just had a new lathe - which lead to a new shed and fit out that ended today, a month after we started building the shed foundations - he has some pen blanks to have a play with and a new set of chisels too :slight_smile:

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Complete pen all ready to go.
Pleased with the results on this one as turning two very different materials usually end up in the bin when I do it! LOL