Twist/inception style video

Having fun with editing


Love that mate! Looks great, nice clear video too and good colours. :ok_hand:

Excellent, what did you use for the edits?

It’s all done in Davinci Resolve

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Cheers. I’ve got that but sadly my PC isn’t really beefy enough to use it!

Set up correctly - it’s really nowhere near as bad as people make out.
Default installation can be a little problematic.

My laptop is 4 year old tech (bought at end of line clearance 3 years ago) and wasn’t top spec in its heyday.

One day I’ll get around to a “How to make DR run well on a less than greased lightning computer.” Something for when I have loads of spare time at home. #LockdownMissedOpportunity.

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You might find that if you generate optimized media you will get smoother play back whilst editing. This might take a while depending on clip sizes and quantity, but should sort any running problems. :ok_hand:

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That - and a few other things - can make a lot of difference.


Or drop the playback resolution to half or quarter. It’s only really fusion that can really grind in my experience. I’ve just ordered 32gb of RAM to sort that out :sunglasses:


Agreed - especially when you start getting a few particle-emitters into the mix.
But that would be the same on any computer.
I did have a 30 second Fusion clip that took 8 hours to render. :fearful:
And when it was finished, I realised I had a couple of needed nodes still switched off from checking something else. :crazy_face:

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I’ve an older quad core Sony laptop that struggles with DR. Filmora9 runs better on it but not quite as good as DR

QUESTION: Do you find it better using lots of short 30s clips to bring to edit or a few longer 5-6min clips?

That is very cool! Love it!

I don’t think it makes much difference. The biggest change you can make is to reduce the playback resolution to half or quarter. Keep any Fusion clips as short as possible too. The free version of DR really doesn’t make best use of your computer’s spec. Rendering is especially bad.

Thanks. Really simple to do too

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Ah ok. I was using 1/4 playback & still crashing. The Filmora9 I could happily use 1/2 playback res but found it best to not use any transitions before I’d put my clips together & rendered playback. THEN adding the transitions the final rendering was quite quick.

Thanks for the heads up re DaVinci free version. I might re-look at it :+1:

Can’t agree on that one. There is no difference between free and studio versions as far as spec requirement goes.

Studio only adds some filters/effects/transitions, and the ability to have projects that are >4k.

Edit: From the Black Magic website …

That depends …

If processing in 4k, then I usually create optimised media as the first step … and this can take a while. But otherwise no performance difference if a short clip or (as I have done) playing with 50 x 15min clips.

(Usually create optimised media for anything >1080.)

Are you shooting in H.264 or H.265?

H.265 is very hardware dependant … whichever editing software you’re using. It happily pisses off my laptop without creating optimised media … which just takes so long since it can’t get assistance for the GPU, and everything is CPU processed.

No longer the case sadly. This guy does a great walk through of the differences. The one he doesn’t mention (as it’s mostly drone specific) is correcting the distortion on the M2P when shooting in log. In free DR it’s a fusion fix so takes forever to render or play. In studio DR it’s a simple slider on the edit tab that works in real time and doesn’t add to the render.

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