Two flights from a Spanish weekend away


Both edited in DJI GO which I’m liking more and more. Being able to adjust brightness, contrast and saturation helps to compensate for lack of full-on colour grading tools.


Nice shots, beautiful country. Did you have any problems flying out there?

Not here to be honest. It’s so remote that there would never be a problem.

Any issues travelling on planes with the Mavic? Did you take it on as hand luggage?

Cool vids - I take it you didn’t have any issues with lack of sunshine, wind, rain etc… like we had all weekend here :roll_eyes:

Flew with Ryanair without a problem. I had my 3 lipos in fireproof bags. The Mavic was in the flymore bag which I then had in a mini backpack.

Nobody asked me any questions at the security check, even though I was pulled for a random check on the way home.

I don’t pay for priority boarding but made sure I was first in line to board from the “others” so I would have no issue getting my stuff in overhead lockers.

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