Two Small Islands


This is a lovely little beach joining two islands in the West of Scotland. We’ve just “adopted” it to do beach cleans for the Marine Conservation Society. Amongst other things we found a plastic milk bottle from Donegal in Ireland!
It’s a good excuse to keep going back there.


OK. That didn’t work!


A couple of the “<” and “>” were encoded


Oh yes it did, brill.


I did a little edit for you.
Sometimes the opening “<” and closing “>” get encoded. Just edit them back.


Thanks Dave. I’ll remember that next time. I thought it was magic of some sort!


The opening “⁢” and closing “>” are the ones to change.


The bit before the opening “iframe” and after the closing “/iframe”


It’s a strange one. It used to copy and paste without a problem … now those tweaks seem to be needed.

Great pano, tho!! :+1:


Thanks for your help


I just looked at your pano again and you can zoom in and out using the scrol wheel on the mouse, is this a new feature from Kuula, cos mine don’t do that?
If it is it’s a great feature…


There’s an option on the sharing/embedding page that permits this.


@OzoneVibe Thanks for that, hadn’t noticed it.