Typhoon H DY3 Charger

I purchased the DY3 for my Typhoon a couple of months back and came to use it last week. It seems that Yuneec changed the battery terminals on the new Typhoon H Plus & Pro. I need a DY5. So I have this one for sale boxed & unused for £60.00. It charges 2 batteries at the same time and has the facility to put them into storage mode.

Just bought the dy5 charger last week good price of kit🙂

Can I ask where you got it from and how much please. I need to purchase the DY5 as the one I got doesn’t charge my batteries.

Bought from yuneec uk for the princely sum of £139.99. Hope this helps. I have run my batts down to a storage charge and then re charge/ balanced them but not been able to fly yet😁