UFO in my clip from last year

I was looking through old clips as I’m running out of space, when I came across this clip…

I’ve tried to eliminate birds, which at 1.7Km away wouldn’t show up this way. The camera is the X5S with a 45mm lens.

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Calling. . . . .


why do people still use km instead of miles, rd sign’s have always been miles we are out of the EU just like the poxy BBC they keep saying km.

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Probably because nearly the whole world sensibly uses the metric system and it’s also what’s been taught in schools for about the last fifty odd years. Road signs and a few other areas are an exception because there is a potential safety implication of switching over. Sorry it’s so upsetting, though.



This video looks to me more like something moving behind the trees rather than something flying. Is there maybe a road there?

No road, Just farms, if you get close to your screen it’s far more clearer to see.

The object is easily seen above the wheat with it between the camera and the background hedge row.
Follow it all the way to the end of the clip where you’ll see it cross the hedgerow that’s at a right angle to it’s flight path.

In the cropped still view, it’s clear it’s in the foreground of the hedge and at an altitude too high for a vehicle to be driving at.

It’s also too bright to shine as a rectangular shape through a hedge.

The last clip clearly shows the flash rate of the object as I’ve slowed the clip to 1/2 speed.

It’s hard to interpret images like that but to me it still looks for all the world like a vehicle on a road or farm track, mostly due to the way it tracks with the line of the hedges. About the regular flashing, ambulance or something? If it looks rectangular I think there’s some motion blur going on.

There’s no road, I know the area like the back of my hand, I even know the farmer.
It’s in the foreground between the hedge and the camera.
At the start of the video, I’ve inserted a still with a caption ‘UFO….’ Right next to the bright object. Pause the clip there, analyse it then follow the object’s trajectory.

Lance. You may have actually captured a stationary rod

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To me, having zoomed in as far as I can on the video, it looks like a camera anomaly rather than something physical flying across the recording. It seems to maintain an exact height in relation to the movement of the camera. The ‘pulsating’ effect as it flashes light then dark is also perfectly regular. I think it’s more likely a digital issue, but it would be neat if it was a UFO making crop circles, though. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve so many clips through this lens over the years and I’ve nothing like it in any other clips. I suppose it’s one of those things that can’t be replicated easily without having the exact lighting conditions, pan speed, FPS, altitude, thermodynamics, time day, wind velocity…etc… :thinking:

Yep, it’s weird for sure. I mean, it looks like a digital anomaly, but then again who knows? Nice catch, though, no matter what its origin. :grinning:

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