UFO spotted whilst flying

Please use this link above to view on you tube, I was flying last night and when I got back to watch my footage I spotted this, it definitely isn’t a bird, I’m flying on a private estate with no one around, its travelling at a massive rate and a totally straight line. Comments and your thoughts please.
cheers Pip


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Hi Pip, whatever it is, it seems to change shape as it gets to the lighter colour field.

It’s probably not a flying sheep, I’m going with a white bird that flaps its wings once or twice.

I would have said bird too :dove::dash:

Wrong flight pattern for a bird, no up and down movement

could it be a meteor?

they can occur during the day as much as at night…

Is it a bird?
Is it a plane?
Is it a @clinkadink on another speed mission? :thinking:

what was it’s trajectory… east >>> west or something of that trajectory?

Perseid Meteor Shower 2023 Guide | When & How to See It.

(I guess you may get someone hunting for a meteor rock maybe…)

Suggested possibilities in order of likeliness:

  1. Small fast FPV drone (most likely)
  2. Bird diving in a straight line (quite likely)
  3. Bird poo falling from an eagle (why not ?)
  4. Meteor (moderately possible)
  5. Debris falling from a plane (it does happen)
  6. A spaceship from Planet X (but must be really tiny aliens)

2 things going through my mind with its trajectory.
Either very close call with some wadding from a shotgun
Or a light coloured sporting clay pigeon disc coming to the end of its flight.
Interesting regardless

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I scrutinised the video very very closely, and I thought I saw someone running from the tree line to the landing area, until I realised it was a dirty speck on my laptop screen!!! Nearly made an a** of myself LOL

If it wasn’t so high i would have guessed it was a golf ball…

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Someone missed their clay pigeon?

must be going loopy can’t see what your supposed to see played many time’s still don’t know what im looking for.

I’m going with bird…

@crapflyer it’s the white thing going from left to right


yes mate finale sore it was looking up in the sky till i looked down it is weird thanks