UK Drone Register / Database

2 part topic:

  • Is there an official register for hobbyists to register their drones in the case of it being lost?

  • If not, do you think there would be much interest for such a thing? I’m considering creating one…

IMHO - No and No.

To the second question it would, again IMHO, be very rare for a recoverable and repair worthy drone to be found and equally rare for the finder to make the effort of recovering it and searching for an on-line database to then enter its details,

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I was thinking it would work as follows:

  • The drone would have a serial no visible on it somewhere and a URL to the database (probably a sticker)

  • Finder would go to URL and enter the serial No.

  • If the drone has been listed as “missing” by the owner that registered it, an email will be sent to the owner notifying them that someone has recovered it and give them the opportunity to respond (all comms would be internal via the site - no email addresses would be given). This would allow them to offer a reward etc too if desired.

  • If all agreed, the owner can give a postage address and arrange for the drone to be delivered

All the “Finder” would need to do is enter their email address for the sake of notification and a serial number - the database would do the rest.

Immobilise register is similar.

Not aimed specifically at drones but for any property. Register your serial, if lost or stolen mark it as such and it appears on NMPR and gets a hit if searched on police PNC.
I think cash converters etc check the register when buying goods.

I registered most of my stuff a while ago, handy for keeping track of serials.

For a lost drone however your better with a tracker or sticker with your phone number.

Wouldn’t hurt to make one though but would need to be well known for someone to search it.

I was thinking having the URL on the sticker would overcome that problem?

If the immobilise register has an API, it could probably auto-register on there too.

(This is all hypothetical at the moment, just gauging interest…!)

It would.

If you have the time and patience it might be worth doing. I’m sure a lot of people have wondered about a register.
They operate a system where the owners details are logged so that, hopefully, the finder of a lost drone can contact the owner!

Looks like the same thing except they are subscription based - I’d be looking to do it for free and just have a small advert at the bottom of the page or something to generate passive income. Would probably offer stickers that can be bought but I imagine most people will just print them and put them on themselves.

You know what - I’m just going to do it, nothing to lose. If people use it then that’s a bonus.


If the stickers on the drone echo this fact, it could be the deal breaker :slight_smile:

I’d imagine the chances of a drone being returned via this platform would be greatly increased if the person that found it saw “£250 Reward!” stickers it :+1:

My kinda attitude @S_O :smiley:

Keep us posted??

Of course! I’ve already got the ball rolling - currently designing the database schema. I’ll be posting on here anyway for people to test if that’s cool with everyone?

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Sure thing, please do :+1:

@S_O You still around mate? Any updates on this one?

Hey! Yeah still here bud. Had an unexpected (but thankful) peak in work recently so this is taking longer than I would have liked - obviously have to prioritise the paid work! Still on my radar though, first couple of pages are done and I’ve got the domain setup so it will happen!

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I lost my drone and someone found it. They searched immobilise and didn’t find me there as I’d never registered my device there.

The crazy story is how they found me…
I put up my controller on ebay and mentioned that I had lost my drone a week ago. The guy messaged me on ebay and said that he had found a drone and if I could confirm the serial number and what was on the memory card, he’d give it back.

When I met him he said he only went on ebay to check how much controllers cost as he thought of repairing mine.

He could’ve bought my controller for my drone! LOL

Didn’t even ask for anything from me.



What are the odds of that?!??


So there are some genuinely decent people left in this world :+1:


Tell me about it. I couldn’t believe it. I searched the area for 3 hours and couldn’t find it and this guy wasn’t even looking and finds it laying in the grass.

So I joined this lot (Drone Safe)

It was £14.95/year, but is now £24.95 p.a.

They give a proper membership card with ID picture, a sticker with a unique device ID/hologram, and they pay the reward for you after finder connects to the specified URL on the label

In a few months we will be forced to use this type of service anyway :smiley:

Has anyone else used this Drone Safe Register. They have commercial and hobbyist options ( They are linked with the CAA somehow or other, it costs £24.95 a year, you get an ID card with CAA safety code and photo ID, plus an ID sticker to put on your drone, if you lose your drone then DSR will pay a reward to the finder.
Seems quite a good setup, what does anyone else think of it?

See my post above Phil… Personally I think it’s good, yet to have to test it though :grin: