UK drone survey: how do you measure up?

If you’re British, male, between 40 and 50, own a Mavic Pro, are into photography and flying for fun and have had zero accidents, you’re the average drone owner in the UK, at least according to Drone Magazine.

In their October issue the magazine has published a comprehensive - if unofficial - survey of the current state of the drone market here in Britain. In case you haven’t already seen it these highlights may be of interest.

Gender & Age:
Male 82%, Female 18%
Biggest age group 40-49, with 50-59 a close second

Home Location:
Most owners live in the South-East with North-West and South-West close seconds.

Length of Ownership:
1-2 years 21%
2 years or more 15%
However 34% of those who responded don’t even own a drone yet!

Reasons for Buying:
‘Personal Photo’ was the biggest reason, with ‘Fun for me’ a close second.

Reasons for Flying:
Photography was the main reason with Videography close behind.

Favourite Manufacturer:
DJI was the hands down favourite with 68% of the vote.

Favourite DJI Model:
The Mavic Pro on 24% just edged out the Phantom 3 with 23%.

Flying Frequency:
‘Not as often as I’d like’ was the biggest response, though ‘At least once a week’ was the favoured time.

Different Places Flown:
Most people claimed to fly in 2-5 different places.

Specific Places Flown:
Surprisingly most people fly over water, while ‘through trees’ and indoors were popular.

Furthest Flown:
Up to 100m 27%
More than 400m 26%

Amount of Fun:
‘Huge amount of fun’ was by far the most popular category - fortunately!

Usefulness of Drone:
Most found it ‘hugely useful’.

Ease of Use:
‘Very easy’ got the biggest vote with ‘quite easy’ not far behind.

Quality of Photos:
Most said they were very happy with their image quality.

Quality of Video:
Again, ‘very happy’ got the biggest vote.

Number of Crashes (£500+ drone)
Over 50% pf people claim to have never crashed their drone, with ‘once’ coming a distant second.

Time of Crash:
Landing seems to be the most dangerous time, with navigating obstacles almost as bad.

Reason for Crash:
‘Human error’ is given as by far the biggest reason for more crashes.

Damage Sustained:
The majority of people claimed either no damage or minor propeller damage as all they sustained in a crash.

Understanding the DroneCode:
33% of voters understand the code ‘very well’, with 39% claiming ‘quite well’.

Happiness with the Rules:
35% are ‘mostly happy’, 31% 'quite happy.

Happiness with Registration:
Very happy 35%
Quite happy 27%

Happiness with Safety Training:
Very happy 34%
Quite happy 31%

Take what you will from this fascinating survey, I feel is shows a mature, responsible group of people who fly their drones safely, with a good knowledge of the law and have a lot of fun doing it.

The full survey appears in the October issue of Drone Magazine, on sale at larger branches of WH Smith or available to buy online at

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Interesting survey!

Half of it could be written about me! The other half, not so much :grin:

The question is, which half? :wink:

Lol, I’m not revealing that :blush:

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