Unable to transfer photos from Smart Controller to mobile phone

Hi I have a Mavic pro 2 I have connected to WiFi to set up no probs but when I go on share it calls up a bar code and when I click on it it does not transfer my photos it says do by hotspot .can anyone give me a step by step guide for a idiot and Def not technically minded on how to get my pics and vids to my phone .cheers new guy les

I don’t know anything about bar-codes. The easiest way for me to get photos and videos off my Mavic 2 onto my phone is as follows:

  1. Switch on Mavic 2 and remote controller with phone connected up in the controller.
  2. Once the DJI Go app is running, choose the Playback option in the app (looks like a “play” icon, bottom right on my screen)
  3. In the Playback screen, filter by photos or videos or both, whichever you want, use the Select function to select all the files, and then the download symbol to save them all to your phone
  4. Wait until complete, then turn everything off and disconnect
  5. Photos and videos should now be available on your phone

Hi kev thanks my mistake I ment to say I have the smart controller

This video any use?

Another option, if your phone is compatible, is to get an SD card reader for your phone and read the SD card directly - that assumes your files on the Mavic 2 are stored on the SD card rather than on the internal storage.

SD card is a fantastic idea cheers keV for all your help mate

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