Uneven upper and lower edges in panoramic photo from video

I made this fairly meaningless photo just east of Skipton by rotating the drone and recording a video. I then used Image Composition Editor (I think that’s from Microsoft) to convert it to a panorama. I’m curious about the uneven upper and lower edges. Are they caused by the drone wobbling a bit in the wind? (Yes, I know it’s silly to make a panorama from a rotation!)


Yup. “Drone wobbles.” … and perhaps some ICE errors.

ICE actually uses image analysis to build the pano.

If I’ve had the camera horizontal, it does a good job without any wobbly bits. But if the camera isn’t horizontal, each image from the video that ICE selects has to be “twisted” to stitch to its neighbours … hence the wobbly bits. :+1:


Ah, I wonder if the gimbal is very slightly out of alignment. I gave up (for now) on the automatic alignment tool - which was always way-off because I must be using it wrong - and did it by eye.

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Most pano stitches and up with a little bit of top/bottom wobble … because of lens spherical aboration. (You can Google that. :wink:).

ICE has an auto-complete, that gauges how to fill in … or you can just crop.


It looks uneven if you look at it as a flat pano image. Those edges allow the pano to be viewed as a 360 image. If they were flat the 360 image would not view correctly.

Yes, I did think about printing it and wrapping it round a cylinder to see how it looked.