Unexpectedly low range on cross fire nano with tango 2

Hi all, looking for a clue as to what my range issue might be. I received a Geprc croc baby 4LR bnf with cross fire nano RX and a tango 2 radio and been getting accustomed to flying faster and somewhat further away than with my tiny whoop. It’s flying beautifully and everything works as expected with 1 exception : I don’t fly the drone much further away than 100m and it’s enough to get rx loss warnings and even 2 complete complete rx loss, with the drone failing safely, dropping to the grass below. That’s a complete surprise with a crossfire set-up.

First time I thought the nearby powerlines might have something to do with it. Second time it fell, there was a large tree in the way but that was still pretty close. But the 3rd time I got the warning (but no outright loss) I could hear some warning beep on the drone from where I stood. Looking at the goggles DVR It was 50 meters at about 8 o clock, so slightly behind me.

I don’t think it’s normal I lose RX whilst I get good video reception. Is there a power setting on the tango 2 I might have missed ?

Many thanks for any pointer.

There is a power setting yes, 25mw, 100mw, 250mw and 1w (with the new V3 board, max 250mw with the old board)

To get to the power setting hold down the menu button and open the TBS Agent lite (or the crossfire Luascript for the older versions) then you should see XF TX the power settings are in there :+1:t2: standard I’d assume it’s set to 25mw.

Thank you so much, found it. Max power was set to 100mw. nudged it up now. :+1:

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Still I’d expect longer range than 100m on 100mw…

What antenna is on the nano RX? A standard whip antenna or the Immortal T? Might be worth checking the UFL connector on the RX and gluing it down or heat shrinking it to make sure it has a solid connection :+1:t2:

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Doesn’t the Tango 2 have a ‘dynamic’ power setting so it will increase the power as required as distance gets greater?
My crossfire unit on my Taranis does

@notveryprettyboy is the man to ask. I’ve only had my tango 2 a week lol haven’t really played around with the settings to much yet.

But yeah I think @Steviegeek is right my micro module on my TX16S had the dynamic power setting so I’d assume the tango2 does as well. But I’m sure Karl will be along shortly to correct us if that isn’t the case :+1:t2:

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This could be your solution.


This was the problem I had. New antenna and some hot glue.

However the rx should come shrink tubed or glued already unless you have pulled off the antenna like I did (this is what caused problems)


I’ve just checked the settings on my Tango2 and yes it definitely has dynamic power (well the V3 board does, can’t be sure about V1 and V2 boards)

Screenshot taken from JBs video above just to clarify where the dynamic power setting is.

TBS Agent lite > Tango2 TX > general > Dyn. Power set to on.

Power output can be set from 25mw 100mw 250mw 500mw and 1w.

Also make sure your region is set to open and your frequency is set to 868mhz for the UK.

Just to note this IS breaking uk rules so set these settings at your own risk. I’m only stating where these settings are located and not in any way encouraging you to set them.

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Definitely check you’re on 868Mhz, or the phone masts will knock it out.
Some people have complained about the ufl antenna in the tango 2 not connected from new. Its simple to check if you open it up.
Mine came without the battery connected :man_shrugging:

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immortal T. I’ll have a look but the RX is shrink wrapped and I have not tinkered with it but maybe it’s moved when dropping to the ground ?


it is :+1:

Same here and dynamic power is on

Oh boy, ok will open the box, will have to follow the user manual, no apparent screw on show but it’s something they consider normal operation so should be easy

Thank you all

That’s understandable, but the antenna not connected… unforgiveable :angry:

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Mine have always come with the shrink wrap loose in the packet for user to fit after wires soldered, antenna fitted etc…


I guess it must vary on which one purchased but the last 3 nano I’ve bought have had it sealed on with rubber/wax


tbs-tango2-manual.pdf (12.0 MB)

Heres the tango2 manual :+1:t2:

Just take the rubber grips off and use a small torx. Think its 5 or 6

Turns out my torx screwdrivers are a bit shit, none work with the shallow screws and anyway are too short for the sunken ones, need to buy a decent replacement set. I’ll test with the increased power level if that doesn’t make much difference, I’ll have to wait for the screwdrivers


I had the same problem. I ended up using a small allen key