Unrealistic costs for training

I’m still amazed at the cost for training or PfCO.
There are very little overheads to outlay
Obviously time and effort has to be account for.

For example I am going on a weekend music course all in, with meals and accommodation provided
9 till 5 each day and till late on the first day.
At least 3 qualified tutors all for £450.00
That needs a lot of organising and a great deal of preparation by the tutors.
I have been on other similar courses and they all come in around that price.

Supply, demand and class size I guess.

The consultants at work usually start around £1k a day for fees alone.


Same for online pfco £499
No classroom, no tutors just a automated program ? Yet still to my mind money grabbing from a hobby that people love,
I’ve done the Icarus 1 for hobyist (free) but as with all these things if it becomes essential then you have to pay through the nose for it.
Course fees do seem excessive though :slightly_smiling_face:

Hobbyists don’t have to take it though.

I cannot imagine it will become compulsory, how would they police that ?

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I was not referring just to PfCO, but training in general. It’s almost as if the courses are being padded out with a great deal unnecessary information.

As long as you know the basics that a hobbyist should be aware of, majority of which are common sense, then it does not need to be that costly, a lot of the advice does not need a highly qualified person to give it. So there’s no way that Premium rates can be justified.

A mention was made earlier about a consultant, demanding £1000 a day.

That’s ridiculous There’s no comparison.

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Probably a market there for someone to set up a cheap PfCO school.

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I agree, it so expensive, especially when you add the CAA cut of the action at about £250. i booked a course and then cancelled when I found out how much it was going to sting in total. Then of course you have to pay every year and revise and submit your ops manual. It’s also true that there is a lot of information that is unlikely to ever come into play unless you’re flying manned aircraft. I never wanted to earn big bucks from drones, just wanted to do things properly but was put off. It’s easier and much cheaper to stick to the basics, until the new EASA rules take effect. BTW has anyone ever actually failed their PfCO?