My wife very kindly upgraded my beloved mavic or “f@cking stupid helicopter!!!” as she affectionatly calls
it for a more powerful and higher specced model.

For the love of god,it just will not take off!!!


That sucks!


You need a Shark :rofl:


latest Model !
Mavic Dyson


You need one of these!!!


Don’t understand why it’s a download but it’s my robot hoover!!!


Nor I … I’m asking bigger brains to look into it.


I think you have to hand launch that model (at her)


See how she got it wrong
She read it as hover not Hoover


Video now embedded correctly :+1:t2:


Think you got problems! My ‘Make your drone go faster’ kit arrived today & NO INSTRUCTIONS ??? :confounded::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Is that a working steam engine model?? Details please :scream:


It is fully working PingSpike ! I have three Stuart marine engines, this V-Twin is destined to go into a model RC boat which I am currently planning on paper. I’m a retired boat-builder with a passion for all things steam. What a leap in technology these items on the table represent eh?


Stuff like that has always fascinated me.

I’ve got Trencherfield Mill literally on my doorstep, the engine still runs to this day :bowing_man:

Well, it did until about six weeks ago, budget cuts :roll_eyes: - I think they’re looking to offload it to the community to work on as volunteers, I’m seriously tempted to put my name down :grimacing:


Such beautiful engineering, hope the mill keeps going. That is an incredible plant. I would be in like Flynn if local to me!


Here’s a little toy if you like steam


You think that sucks. This is my new antenna mod ,
Trying to figure out what screws i need to fix it to the remote .


That is a fine machine Scorps, amazing craftmanship & design. Saw a very nice Wilesco traction engine on ebay earlier - - - so so tempted but resisted despite a fair price.


HA HA ! self tappers should do it Shane! :rofl:


thats my friends everything on that was made in his workshop even sand cast the wheels I started off as a toolmaker so had a part in it when he bought the plans they said it would take 3 years at least to build . that was finished in 6 months!! he has some trains to