Uphill Beacon near Weston Super Mare

Beacon & Old St Nicholas on the Hill Church very photogenic.


Nice footage and a great spot, but be aware that the Uphill Reserve is owned by North Somerset Council and they do not allow take off or landing on their land.

In addition, NSC now say no filming over their land even when you take off elsewhere (they used to say no flying over their land). I have challenged this with NSC as it has no legal standing and should be OK provided one follows the ICO and GDPR guidelines (which they point to on ther website).

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Are camera/phone users expected to follow the same such Ill informed made up rules ?

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As a NSC council tax payer Iā€™d hope that NSC (who constantly plead to be short of money) have better things to do with their time and money than try and enforce regulations with no legal standing.

I also live very close to Uphill and plan on flying there too.
Found this on NSC website FYI although I also agree they would be very unlikely to win a case through the courts.