Uploading raw footage to YouTube


Hi guys

Need some more advice please…

Ref: Mavic Pro Platinum

Ok so I’m getting some decent footage in 2.7k from some test flights and I’ve done the following

  1. directly downloaded them from my Mavic Pro Platinum memory card via a card reader connected to my iPhone XS Max.
  2. uploaded the film to my YouTube Chanel (wasn’t asked about a resolution etc)
  3. upload complete and I’ve gone to view the footage from me Samsung 65” UHD TV with me YouTube account and the footage is only in 366p or 400 something

What am I doing wrong, I want to be able to share / copy the you tube link and ask friends n family to click n view in 2.7k glory

Desperately need help :frowning:


It can take some time before Youtube process the video in a higher resolution.
I have sometime had to wait an hour before it shows on the site.
It also depends if you PC/TV will be able to play the video.


Hi Chris

Oh I see, yeah me tv is a 65” Samsung UHD 4K curves so yes can play the resolution no problem. I’ll keep a check on me YouTube channel to see if it self increases the saved resolution then. I do hope so


When you upload to YouTube it can take 10 to 15 mins for HD options to appear.

Have you checked again?


Just checked again now (been 3 hours) since upload. The picture definatly upgraded now, I went onto the YouTube account menu page and when I selected to upload my video again I could choose 1080p as hightest setting however I’m thinking that because it was recorded in 2.7k and not 4k the option to upload in 4k is not available as it detects the footage is not 4k and the closest official label it can give it is 1080p and you don’t see much 2.7k labelling around

Does that make sense



It does Alan
2.7k is great if you don’t want to use up a lot of memory
Do you have a pc/Mac to edit on?
You can upgrade to 4k and up to you tube with various programmes
Plus you can copy from your controller straight to your phone without taking your memory card out admittedly the way you are doing it will be quicker than using up your drone battery.


Well memory not really an issue for me I don’t think as I have a 64GB card in the Mavic and then me iPhone XS Max ya the 512GB hard drive build in.

I’ve not edited at all on a Mac or PC and I don’t intend to, to be fair as it’s all done via me phone on either direct download from memory card reader to me iPhone and then upload wirelessly to YouTube

I might doing a short test recording in 4k tomorrow and upload that to see how it looks on YouTube

Only reason I’m using 2.7k if I’m honest is because the 2.7k lets me use the zoom function while shooting if I require and that’s it really.

Another option and the most easiest is just use the create movie feature on DJI app however I’m sure this only creates it in 720p ?

Not entirely sure TBH, any thoughts you guys :+1:


It could be to do with the fact that you are uploading from your phone. Either the download from the drone sd to your phone could be downscaled or when you upload to YouTube because I think mobile uploads are limited to 1080p. Or it’s YouTube being YouTube as higher quality videos take longer for high quality options to be available. Hope this helps. Edit: maybe this will help. https://youtu.be/S4_x8mgmFEY


I upload 4k from my phone, but it’s been rendered in powerdirector first


Arghh ok I think I know the issue.

The footage i shot on MPP was in 2.7k, I downloaded it from the actual memory card via a card reader directly to me iPhone XS so the footage was still Raw 2.7k

I then however selected the file and chose edit where I skimmed about 4 secs from the begiiing and also end, This for some reason rendered it to 720p so when I uploaded it to YouTube it was done at 720p

I’ve since gone back into the file and selected revert to original - it immidiately did and the file size jumped from 565mb to 1.6GB for a 5 min clip (I’d say that was more 2.7 size wouldn’t you) ?

Just currently uploading to YouTube again and I will compare the quality on me TV

Incidentally seems You Tube recognises when a duplicate footage is uploaded and won’t successfully upload it (I had to delete the original as this new upload corrected wouldn’t complete)


Guys quick question.

Lazy option but if you download the footage from a 2.7k recording via your DJI app only straight to your phone (wirelessly) what is this resolution. Is it 720p or 1080p ???



I don’t get it,

I read somewhere I’m sure that downloading via your DJI app as in ‘create a movie’ only downloads it to your device in either 720p or 1080p (can’t remember which one it said) - anyone know ?


Also, I’ve got a piece of raw 4k footage on me iPhone that was downloaded directly from the memory card of me Mavic Pro ( 1.5gb).

I went into iMovie and selected the same 1.5gb clip and just added fade in and fade out and then selected to produce movie in 4k

The same clip then got made into a file next to the 1.5gb original but this new one was only 655 mb ???

Like has is compressed it and surely that will affect quality if I’m uploading to YouTube ?


Not used iMovie before but most software allows you to set a variable or constant bit rate on export.

Going by the file sizes it’s definately compressing from the Mavics standard 60Mb/s.

YouTube will compress again as it transcodes footage to VP9.

Is there any quality options in iMovie? Maybe it’s just lower quality as it’s a phone app.


Quality on iMovie for iPhone says it’s 4k option so unsure ?


4K is the resolution. It’s the bit rate that determines the file size and quality.

I’d be surprised if an IPhone had the grunt to encode a 4k video at 60Mb/s+

What length is the video?


There is on the desktop version, not tried iMovie on mobile though.


Device dependant



Guys YouTube is great etc for 4k however I ordered me a USB 3.0 memory card reader. (Plug your micro SD directly into the USB stick and then straight into your TV

Results: absolute stunning in what I would say is complete RAW 4k footage from Mavic Pro directly to screen. I don’t think I could get any more clearer with the naked eye

Also viewed this on me new 75 OLED 4k TV