Urge to fly faster!


ViFly X150 has caught my attention.

4" quad, under 250g with battery, 40-600mW VTX and comes with an EU XM+. Around £160.




“Don’t look at the link!!”
“But it’s so beautiful!!”



“just read that” nice, I’ve got a F4 stack in my Banggood basket for my 3D printable design, just for kicks though.I might get round to building it.

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Hi all, so I’m gonna give fpv a go and get into racing drones, but before I get my first radio I’m just wondering whether it’s possible to use my mavic pro radio…? Or do I have to get a whole new one…? Can anyone advise? Thanks!

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It’s not possible to use a DJI radio with anything other than DJI it’s a closed shop I’m afraid.
I take you’re looking at Frsky for your first radio?

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Yeah, taranis qx7 seems a go? I’ve been following Mr Steeles series of instructional videos which seem really good…



Have you considered the X-lite? It’s far more portable than the QX-7 and it has everything a you’ll need for a race setup.

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Wow, that’s tiny! And it works as well as the big box? If so then it looks like a no brainer. No downside you’re aware of?



I think I need to mute myself from this thread before my temptation gets … tempted.


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Oh commander chekov has helped out already…

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Having used a q7x an xlite and a x9d the deciding factor on my day to day radio was crossfire compatibility. The q7x requires a mod to the motherboard for crossfire to work properly. The xlite requires an adaptor for it to even connect and is plagued by Lua issues.

X9d just works.

If you get a q7x or a x9d make sure you get the Hall effect gimbals. The stock ones are rubbish.



I started with the QX7s then picked up an X-lite after @Njoro got his on release.

The X-lite is superb.

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why complicate a good radio by trying to shoe horn the crossfire? crossfire is a very specific hardware that you don’t need as a beginner to FPV.

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Out of curiosity … what is Crossfire?

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OK - I get why that might not be needed for a beginner. :stuck_out_tongue:

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@tom.at.rye If you do decide to buy the X-lite buy some NCR18500A Li-ion batteries they last for ages, you’ll need a charger and adapter.
I 3D printed adapters which I’d print for you; although the X-lite has been around for a while so you might find off the shelf adapters.

Here is a link to the thread.


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You can get the xlite with 18650 caps now (tho it won’t fit in its case anymore)

Crossfire is amazeballs for super low latency as well as long range.

It really does I still confidence :slight_smile:



I’m gonna have to Google every other word in these posts! I can see there’s gonna be a language barrier for a while…