USA bought Mavic Mini usage in the UK?

Been absent for some time having sold my drones and dealing with some family health issues but I’m beginning to miss the accessibility of having a small drone when out and about. To that extent I’m off to New York for seven days in a week’s time and I’m seriously considering purchasing the new Mavic Mini fly-more kit whilst I’m there. I won’t be saving lots of money compared to UK prices - around 55 quid, but the possible advantage of a stronger signal and better range via the FCC mode is appealing.

I don’t want to get into a customs/VAT discussion, or signal conflict issues between FCC and CE modes, just some advice as to whether a USA model would work fine over here and would it be worthwhile.

Many thanks, Barry

DJI do not do international warranty so from what I gather it is only valid if purchased in country of residence not purchase, I was going to purchase a Mavic earlier on in year from Amazon they had sold out in UK but were delivering from USA and in the listing it stated that international warranty was not available on this product, so might be worth checking this out just in case as I’m not 100% sure on this.

The only aspect that may be of issue would be power supply but most manufacturers do multi-voltage power bricks anyway.

In terms of flight, etc, can’t see that being an issue. It would be the same as taking it on a permanent holiday :slight_smile:

The Mini is USB charging, I believe.

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In which case, I see no issues :slight_smile:

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The included USB charger is multi-voltage, in any case …


3 Amp is quite a bit …. so not quite standard.

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I’ve had my MP purchased in the U.K. replaced multiple times under warranty in Europe. Maybe I’m lucky.

Though one time they claimed there was damage and charged me, when there absolutely was not not, so my luck is variable.

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I think “Europe” (including UK … for a bit longer, at least) is considered one area, by DJI?

Brain fart / typo… MP bought in the US!

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Would work better mate :rofl:

Only issue could be when importing by post with the FCC model not being CE approved but wont affect you and slim chance customs would check anyway.

Wouldn’t be by post - personal visit to the Big Apple.


I would dump the original packaging before you come back as far as customs is concerned. If you did get caught by customs VAT at 20% soon adds up.