Useful for travellers - drone laws by country

From Alan Perlman, UAV Coach // Drone Pilot Ground School

A directory of drone laws by US State and by Country

No need to run foul of law enforcement officers wherever you may be!

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One that has been posted before … but worthy of its own thread, for sure.

(Moved the post to #Travel-advice-for-anyone-taking-their-drone-abroad )

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My fault, I was uploading a video just taken for a potential job and while waiting saw this. Didn’t have time to check if it had been seen before. Then checked my email and found out that the job I had been asked to apply for at 11am this morning had already been filled! :frowning:

So now go time t to to explain myself to try and mitigate the punishment for double posting …

Not really a double post … previously hidden in threads a couple of times.
Makes sense to have it in a suitably titled thread where people are more likely to find it.

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