Using 2013 iPad with Mini 2

I’ve recently purchased a Mini 2 and it’s a great drone . I have been using my iPhone but have found the screen quite small to follow particularly in the sunlight.
I’ve found an old IPad that I don’t now use and I have managed to download the DJI Fly app on it.
A few questions.
Is the IPad Air 2013 1st generation suitable or has anyone had issues with it being quite old.
There appears to be a few tablet holders available and wonders if anyone can recommend a suitable one. The iPad is quite heavy so I assume I need one that’s quite ridged.

To be honest Richard I think it will struggle with the fly app

But you could try it in the garden, if you can get the cable connected and test it

But I don’t hold much hope, sorry

I cannot say for the iPad 2013 but if it doesn’t the iPad mini 5th generation works great if you can find one second hand CEX or the likes . You can see the screen a lot better and it’s not to heavy but if you get one you need a WiFi and sim version to get the gps , you just get a free sim and put in you don’t have to pay or register it but it needs a SIM card in to switch on the full gps . The Huawei mediapad m5 lite is also excellent and has better battery life , same size screen but a bit lighter .

I have been using an iPad mini, no sim, with my mini3 for 3 years with no problems.

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Hi Guys thanks for the quick responses.
My iPad has been updated with the IOS12 so above the 11 required.
Also not sure it requires a sim as I read recently that it’s best to turn on Airplane Mode to avoid interruptions while flying so no WI-FI.
As suggested I will try it in the garden or open area first.

I used an ipad Mini 4 with the Mini2 drone for a while but had problems with the screen lagging and flickering after a short while (a Google search showed that other people have had the same issue). I bought the ipad Mini 5 from Cash-converters for £190 and it’s worked fine for several months now.

The SIM card just needs to be in to get the full gps , I’ve got a free sim in mine it’s not registered and it does nothing but sit in the iPad and the gps is spot on , if I need internet I just link the iPad to my phone via a hot spot . If you read the difference of gps between WiFi and WiFi and sim you will see there is 2 different systems.