Using DJI Assistant to update controller?


I’ve just connected my Mavic Pro to my laptop and allowed it to update. I’ve had it for around 6 months and I think this is the first try of the program.
Questions is how does the controller update? Do I need to plug it into the pc separately or does the update transmit between the 2?
I had the controller and the bird both switched on at the time.


Hello Abacus, not sure what happens if you have both switched on, but yes you can update the controller by plugging it directly into PC and using DJI Assistant


Hi Abacus

I’ve done my updates by plugging them both separately in turn. If you have more than one battery, you need to refresh the updates after attaching each battery so they get updated.


Cheers @MertOzkan I never thought of doing the other batteries


Be sure to repeat the update with each battery inserted. Once you do the update and you switch battery and power up the Mavic, DJI assistant 2 should report inconsistency with the firmware and prompts you to update, just go ahead and update. If you don’t get the prompt just click Refresh to refresh the update for each battery.