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Not sure if this has been mentioned before or I am doing something wrong?

When you highlight an FRZ, the information box contains some information (Summary, Altitude and FRZ) but seems to be missing the contact information that is available on altitude angel

Mentioned a little while ago

I’m not aware of any airports in the UK that are accepting requests to fly in their FRZ via Altitude Angel, but granted, I’ve not checked them all :blush:

The ATC contact information would be useful to bring in to Drone Scene though, for sure. I’ll see if I code it in to November’s update.


Yeah, Rich, I was more pointing to the ATC info :+1:

Did find this in my research, but not fully read it yet :wink:

Spoke to Altitude Angel about this.

Dublin Airport is due to go live in Q1 of 2022 and they’re currently speaking to other airports at the moment, so the ability to be able to request permission to fly in a FRZ via an online platform is still quite some time away yet. I would guess at a year? :thinking:

Anyway, I’ll crack on with the ATC information as that’ll be a handy stop gap.


The flying club I’m a member of is not strictly in a Flight Restricted Zone (Class D Airspace), but we have been granted permission to fly above the 400ft ceiling if we notify LBA ATC of our intention to do so.

We originally had carte blanch permission to do so from the CAA, but it appears the person(s) responsible for granting this original permission were not aware of Leeds And Bradford Airport :hushed:

I see that https://atcadvisor.com/ gets their contact information from the NATS eAIP; note also their “review an ATC” feature. Just in case you think of anything you can either nick or do better :grinning:

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Coming to a Drone Scene near you soon, contact details for FRZs:



Excellent Rich Thanks :+1: