V2216-11 900KV Brushless motor, two wanted

Hi, Has anybody got two of these motors they’d like to sell me? :smile:

SunnySky V2216-11 800KV Brushless motor

I have some 920kvs

Should be ok to mix on a HEXA copter, do you think ? 4@800 2@920
Not a desperate thing just getting a kit ready to build in 2024 when I’ve retired and can’t afford to buy anything :laughing::laughing:

Photo shows a 900kv so mixing with 920s would be even less of a risk.

Bugger, I fu…ed that up didn’t I ?
Need to do some editing. :man_facepalming:

Hi @notveryprettyboy what do you want for your 920kv motors please?

I’ll bring em round tomorrow