Vertical limits info?

Hi, very much a newbie here so pls forgive my naivety :blush:
Are you able to see the vertical limits on the Drone Scene map? I see they are avalible on the drone safety map, ie AGL over a prison @ 164ft which seems to be the normal flight restriction for a prison.
Not that I plan to be flyin gover any prisons, but just wondered if I’m missing out on other site info that would be helpful when planing a flight.

I’m not sure which vertical limits you mean @Stubbz - Is the vertical limit not just 120m? :thinking:

I had a look at the web site you mentioned but couldn’t see any mention of 164ft on there either, can you point me in the right direction? Maybe I missed a setting or a click or something?

This is Strangeways:

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I think he means this


How did you turn that on Chris?

Oh I see, they have a separate “Prisons” layer:

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@Stubbz this “164ft limit” data is also in Drone Scene if I turn on the Airspace Restriction layer (which shows the prisons in red).

It’s not present in the Ground Hazard layer (which shows the prisons in yellow).

Maybe I’ve misunderstood the question? :thinking:

Or maybe you didn’t have the right layers turned on / off?


Excellent, thank you @PingSpike it was the Airspace Restriction layer I was missing.


Thanks @Stubbz - glad you’re enjoying Drone Scene!

Welcome to Grey Arrows :slight_smile:

And another reason to use it and keep requesting features, how many dev’s nowadays respond personally to questions and give proper advice within the hour ;o)