VERY Windy,but no excuse to not fly the drone!

Decided to have a dolly around the Hayling I.S bridge ,as the drone needed a walk, sorry, flight lol :joy: :joy:

It was so windy, that sport mode was a must!!,otherwise i just hover,ed in place,with no chance to bring my bird home :open_mouth:

Just a few shots i took while having my fix, hope you like em :grin::grin:


Great photos :+1:

Just be really careful with that one mate. If you disconnect and it initiates failsafe RTH, itโ€™s not coming back.

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Hi Callum,thanks for that info,i did start to worry what would happen if i disconnect,while over the i correct in thinking sport mode would be disabled as my bird tried to come back?Think i will be a bit more cautious next time,and keep her over land,and a lot closer:open_mouth:

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I believe that RTH in Sport mode stays in Sport mode โ€ฆ and as a result you have no Obstacle Avoidance โ€ฆ but not sure about the speed.

Unfortunately not the case.

Sport mode is cancelled with RTH or failsafe RTH.

With OA enabled it returns at a max of 22mph.

If you have connection you can hold pitch forward and it will return faster.

If you have lost connection you are screwed.


Mine is usually off. :wink:

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Same here.

Iโ€™ve modded the RTH speed as well.

The mavic firmware limits both speed and the pitch angle in RTH.

Sport mode has a much more aggressive max pitch than standard mode.

I wish they programmed it so if you encounter wind and are not getting anywhere, it increased max pitch angle up to that of sports mode.


Think a lesson has been learned today,will take that info onboard,as havent decided yet weather to to sell my platinum ,when i get my mavic 2,but one things for certain,i dont want lose my bird!:smiley:

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Useful info all - thanks :pray:t2:

You local @FIREFOX? Have flown a few times on Hayling too

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Hi Brian b,yes,very local,my father used to own the old house at home in chidham,and i am currently living in the havant area.If you fancy a meet up and a flight or two,let me know:grin::grin::smile:

Was in The Old House at Home for lunch over weekend!

And I live in Emsworth, just down the road so yes to a meet up, sounds good