Video cache for the mavic pro

hi guys, hope you all dont mind but i have lots of questions as i make my travel from noob to somewhat decent. is there a way of changing the video cache on my s7 phone to sd card for the dji go 4 app with my mavic pro? also is there a good filter for night time videos?

Video cache to SD card …

Filter for night time videos …

To achieve what, exactly?

At night one is already lacking light, obviously, and any filter would only reduce the amount of light reaching the sensor further.

ahhhh. ty sir. at night time everything looks kinda fuzzy? im not sure if there is something within the app to make it better. ive also fitted headlights to the drone so not sure if that makes a difference or not

Headlights will only have a very limited range for illuminating the scenery.
Which ones do you have?

“Kinda fuzzy” … my first suggestion would be focus.
I find it best to use manual focus (stops the focusing “hunting”, and being out of focus at times.
Get some height, point towards the brightest things around, and manually bring the focus sharp.

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