Video editing software.. surprise

I have been looing for some software to make something (1%) from from the video footage. I have Premiere Pro (5?) on another PC but it is old and doesn’t perform well. I really don’t want to spend a lot of money and current Premiere Pro (yearly sub I think possibly now) is not on my radar.

I then looked at Premier Elements 2021… On opening up it operates much like the Pro version I have but easier to use… I did a trial of it and it puts an expected watermark on the video… but i found the quick and dirty image clean ups functions… like those dull days you get and it made them look pretty good for a button press. Even adding text was not the problem to overcome i had on the old version.

It i nearly £90 direct from Adobe but Currys are doing it for £59… I bought it off eBay as the delivery was included… :slight_smile:
Happy again now that i can get onto the cutting room

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Didn’t you “try” and download the full version, for testing purposes only of course?


Hi Speatuk

I’m not sure what you mean… the full version of Elements or Premiere Pro?

I have the full function of Elements albeit with the watermark, for testing and just have to enter the serial number when i get it dropped through my letter box. LOL

I could ‘trial’ the Pro version but I know i won’t buy it.