Video export resolution

When editing my old Mavic Mini footage (2.7k) using Kinemaster on Android (OnePlus 7), my edited vid’s would output at 2160p … which I was very happy with.

Now I have a Mavic Air 2, with footage at 4k … my maximum export is still 2160p.

Is this correct or a limitation of my OnePlus 7? :question:

2160p is 4k

2.7k is around 1520p


You may be mixing up your numbers @premiump

As Callum hints, are you missing a “3840” before the 2160 ? :thinking:

4K resolution - Wikipedia


Thanks for the replies.
When Kinemaster exports a vid, it adds the resolution post-filename:

vid01_720p.mp4, vid02_1080p.mp4, vid03_2160p.mp4

I’m confused, as I expected to see vid04_3840p.mp4 from my Air 2 export.

EDIT: OK, I just went and looked at the video properties in MX Player Pro. 2160p refers to 3840x2160 resolution.

I should have checked that first :slight_smile:

All the numbers that precede the “p” are the vertical resolutions.

3,840 (4k) is the horizontal resolution.

Video (these days) is 16:9 … 2160 * 16 / 9 = 3,840.


Thanks OzoneVibe, I think I turned myself in a circle on this one :smiley:

… or at 90°, perhaps. :wink:

Indeed :rofl: