Video in video

Does anyone know if it’s possible to use youtube editor to create a video in video? Or do I need an external creator. Are there any good freeware ones? Just so I can have a video in hd, with the analogue fpv in a box in the video.

Resolve is free and does it


Ta. Will try tomorrow.

I have used ,filmmaker’ it’s free and easy to use on apple systems. I believe the da vinci is more for Mac or android operating systems.

You believe incorrectly - since it’s this forum’s most recommended PC software for video editing - and it’s absolutely not for Android. But it is for Mac. It works on Linux, too.

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Thanks for clearing that up for me, it was puzzling me cos I couldn’t find it on apple App Store.

@Brian, I’ve tried it on Mac and although very good, it’s isn’t in the same league as FCPX