Video of a work based site

This is possibly a strange question.
In my full time job, I sell products that can be installed within the ‘public realm’ (near roads, in towns, parks etc.)

I would like to use my drone to video some of the products I have sold, and will probably do this while “working”.

Assuming I fly with the regulations (it’s a DJI mini 2), do I need to take out additional insurance as it’s partially a work thing (but I will not be paid for any images etc)?
Is there any additional restrictions that I need to be aware of?

I don’t think there’s any ‘partially’ about it. It is 100% a work thing. So commercial insurance would be required I believe.

Someone with better knowledge or with a known loophole will probably give a better answer shortly.

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I think as @firstadekit has said your answer is there, you are at being paid and flying a drone.

Thats commercial flying.