Video of Malta trip

check out Video just shot on Mavic pro zoom last week any feed back appreciated


Beautifully shot! Loved watching that :heart_eyes: subbed and like on YouTube :ok_hand:

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That’s valetta in February,? Nice! It’s a great place eh?

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Just excellent filming & editing - top drawer mate. 2 iconic settings that you showed well. Looks like you shot it without filters or maybe just a 4 ? Hard to decide which I find when mixing buildings with ocean or harsh light. Great camera on the zoom but well done keeping on top of it,

Ahhh, some good memories. My parents are both buried in Malta, my sister still lives there, and I have some very good friends there so I occasionally get back, but not for a few years now.

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Thanks for all the comments

It was a good time to visit in Jan I could imagine it gets very busy in Summer

Great Video, enjoyed every bit of that !.
Another place to add to my bucket list !.

Excellent video!

so many places to visit not enough time !!!


Nah mate, plenty of time but not enough money !! lol

Stunning footage mate some serious stardy flying there :clap::clap::clap::clap:

wonderful video.

As others have said before Malta & Gozo are beautiful places and I am going the end of February to run in the Malta half marathon and would love to take my drone but unfortunately it is to big when in its case to take through as hand baggage and I am not prepared to put it in the hold.

I managed to fit mine into carry on case
Have a look at max you are allowed,
Good luck with marathon, hope it’s not to hot

Fantastic footage, been to Malta now 3 times (was there last November, great lightning storms over Sicily visible from the rooftop pool at our hotel in Sliema) as my wife used to live there when she was young girl so we have been back to see where she lived. Did you have to get permission etc.?

Apologies for the quality!!

Stunning video and well worth watching! As a matter of interest what did you use to shoot the street and cafe scenes?

Thanks for your comments , cafe shots were taken with osmo pocket


Thanks for the response. Was looking at picking up a pocket and having seen your footage I think I will now. I have the Osmo 2 which I use on iPhone but it’s a pain to carry around due to size.

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I had a Osmo 2 for my phone ,agree was a total pain

This was one of my videos using the osmo pocket