Video on Wollaton hall, Nottingham

so this is the video part of the picture i taken and shared :slight_smile:
hopefully you will enjoy the content :slight_smile:

Very nice I was hoping to fly here but according to their website no flying allowed

Wollaston Hall looks good - but not so good left/right/up/down/zoomed in/zoomed out.

Looks good mate :ok_hand:t3:

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Yea still gettin used to gettin the settings right

It’s not so much the settings as the sudden change of movement plus a lack of editing. You have probably got 20 seconds of useful video that you have stretched out to over 3 minutes. I’m still a relative novice myself and tend to look at videos on this site and YouTube to pick up tips. Please just regard this as constructive criticism!

i know i know, i would of loved to get more footage but was getting strong winds and would gone around and made difefernt angles etc :slight_smile: and i normally do look at other videos to get ideass :slight_smile: