Video Shooting Question

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May be a silly question, but are there any general rules for shooting video.

The issue i have noticed is, some of my videos start off with the right exposure then as the drone moves the video becomes much brighter. Resulting in the video starting off nice, then becoming over exposed as the drone moves.

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If your shooting manual you really need to be on the ball with adjustments.

Make sure and switch on histogram and overexposure warning to help.

If your shooting in auto it will do a pretty good job at keeping correct exposure and you can edit out any large changes.

Make sure to use manual white balance.

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Hi Callum,

I believe is was shooting in Aperture Priority Mode.

I read about shutter speed being twice the FPS speed? is this something i should take into consideration?

Generally i always try shoot with ISO100 where i am able.

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Aperture priority let’s you select the aperture and the mavic will vary the shutter and ISO.

Shutter priority would let you choose a shutter speed double your frame rate and the mavic would adjust aperture and ISO.

I went through the whole shutter double frame rate with original MP using ND filters.

Personally I think it’s a bit of a waste of time and now just shoot in Auto.

If your post processing your clips you can always make minor adjustments to keep it all looking the same.

Thanks Callum, Very helpful.

Would you recommend just shooting in Auto then? with ISO set to Manual?

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What I would say is give it a try and see what you think.

I leave ISO on auto as well.

Only thing I have on manual is white balance.

Night footage I’d use manual and keep a low ISO.

This is just my opinion. You might want to try auto and manual and make your own mind up.

Thanks Callum, Ill try that.

Generally my idea was to use Manual ISO to avoid noise. and Aperture Priority to have a fixed depth of field, however i believe these were the settings used when the video got over exposed. Using shutter speed to control light.

Thanks for all your help, hopefully get to try it out this weekend, weather permitting

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