Video stuttering?

Still very new to drones and editing/uploading vids to YT so I’m hoping for some advice. This video is stuttering a bit in places and I think it might be where I’ve changed the playback speed. Is this a common problem? And any way to get around it or
do I just need to fly the drone at the correct speed in the first place?

@RichGBiscuit I’ve changed the title of your post to be a bit more in line with the question you’re asking. I’ve also edited the video link and put it on a line of its own which then embeds a YouTube player automatically :+1:t2:

Awesome, thanks. Every day’s a school day :wink:

What sd card are you using?

Definitely looks like a frame rate issue. You’re effectively reducing the number of frames per second when you change the playback speed.

Think of it this way. Let’s say for example you’re working in 25fps. You’ve effectively taken 25 pictures to cover 1 second of screentime. If you slow that down by half you’ve now only got 12 or 13 photos for that same second. There will be gaps. It’s these gaps that are your stutter

So obvious when you put it like that! That makes a lot of sense. Thanks :+1:


Not sure which make but it’s a Class 10 SD card and haven’t seen this problem before with same card. Sounds like a definite frame rate issue caused by me slowing down some of the clips. But thanks anyway :+1:

No worries.

Certain frames you think you might want to slow down shoot in 50/60fps may be easier than flying super slow and it all looks the same once on the big screen. :+1:

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