Views of Cornwall Sampler No. 2

Really missing flying due to lockdown, so here’s a new sampler selection from my more recent flights. If you like it, have a look at the full videos on my site & subscribe for more - when I’m allowed!!


Stunning video :ok_hand: Breathtaking scenery and lovely editing. Well done pal :+1: +1 sub.
Feel free to return the favour :wink:

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Thanx very much. Will do

Very nice to watch on a gloomy day. Mini 2 per chance :blush:

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Thanks for the kind comments. Not Mini 2, but a Mavic Air 2, all shot last year. I have since bought a Mini 2 as well following the rule changes, but not been able to fly it yet due to lockdown. Soon hopefully :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :pray: :pray:

Looking good jeremy, where are the last 2 taken?

Where are you based in Kernow?

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Thanks for the comments, Lee. The church is St Just-in-Roseland Church on the way to St Mawes, on The Roseland, & the waterfall is Pentargon Falls, just outside Boscastle on the North Coast. I’m based in St Austell

thanks jeremy, should have recognised the church did some work for the new house at the end of the creek but never been to boscastle. should plan a day trip when allowed.

I’m based between hayle and camborne.


Good video :ok_hand:t3: I’m a sucker for a good sunset / sunrise. I even kept the volume up! :joy: music worked well :clap:t2: roll on the day we all can get back out flying :+1:t2:


Thanks for the kind comments. Can’t wait to get out there again