Visitors to England Requirements

I’m hoping to hop over to the UK from Canada to visit family. Can I bring my MINI 2 and what are the requirements?
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Compared to Canada we are fairly open. As you are flying a Mini 2 which is less than 250 grams you can fly in most areas not covered by flight restrictions

You will need to fill in a form and pay a £9 fee to get an operator i.d. as your aircraft is fitted with a camera. The id must be displayed on the aircraft or in the battery compartment.

As the aircraft is under 259 grams you do not need a flyer i.d. but you must obey all the elements of the Drone Code. As the test is free you may as well take it; it is a simple multiple choice test, The Drone Code gives you all the information you need. Do it at the same time as applying for the op id.

The website you need for all flight planning and recommendations of good places to fly is Drone Scene - add it to the home screen on your phone for portability, It is developed and maintaintained by the Grey Arrows Tefal Heads:

As for where you can fly the companion Good to Go will show you the restrictions placed on aircraft according to model (or weight) and the pilot’s qualifications:

Insurance isn’t compulsory unless using the aircraft for commercial work. You can get hourly or daily insurance from specialist insurers. Public Liability Insurance is recommended, many of us join FPVUK where the £20 membership gives several benefits, one of which being automatic £5 milliin PLI.

For more information about insurance in the UK where else to go but -another area of Grey Arrows:

And, wherever you are going in the UK there are certain to be members of this forum, check the members’ map and also join in the discussions here before you come over. :slight_smile:


What an amazing and imfomative response. Thank you very much.:+1:

What may be more problematical is getting it onto the aircraft - contact your airline for their requirements :frowning:

Good point. To my understanding the batteries are the concern. I’ll dig deeper. Thanx

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If there’s any trouble on the plane with the Mini 2 LiPo’s, you could use the Mini 1 batteries (Li-Ion). I don’t think there’s any limits on that type of battery, could be wrong tho’.

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I always carry the batteries in a flight safe bag in my carry on baggage. They should be discharged to a third capacity and the terminals covered.
The drone and controller can go in the hold if you want, or also in carry on.
You will probably have to tell them at the airport what the batteries are for.
I have travelled to many countries with my Mavic Air & not had any issues other than telling them what the batteries are for.

I came back from the far East in April , my airline stated that I bring the mini 1 batteries as carry luggages and yes I taped over the terminals too. I printed the requirements and shown them to the check-in/ x-ray scan officials . No problems after that :slightly_smiling_face: