Vista has no power

My 4inch is a really tight build hence I had to use insulation tape to stop the vista touching the XT30 where it attaches to the FC…

Well this eventually failed due to rubbing through the tape and now my vista is dead. Iv looked on YT but cant seem to find any vids on this subject. I thought it might be those diodes but not sure as they maybe for the RX & TX :thinking:

You should deffo make your own video. Even a series :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: :rofl:

Terrible idea :man_facepalming:t3: Probably should have made room by filing out the mounting holes. The pressure of them touching and rubbing is doomed to fail with insulation tape. Its like trying to protect your balls with a crisp packet instead of a cricket box.

Nah those diodes protect the RX TX like you said plus the Sbus line.

Is it doing anything at all? Any leds light up? How are you powering it?


Don’t post in silly stuff

Your right and if I can get enough followers I could buy 2 new vistas, mind you id need a hell off a lot of followers the way they have shot up in price :dizzy_face:

Nope its as flat as a witches tit :unamused: :face_exhaling:

Tried it on 2 different boards just soldered the ground and the power to it …

Have you tried just powering the Vista directly from Vbat? Or are you using 10V from flight controller?

Have you tested your input voltage with a multimeter at the Vista power in pads?

Have you tested for continuity on your wiring too?

Yah tested at vista and getting correct volts and yes powering from board.

Continuity test came back fine, will invest more time into it later but running out of ideas on what and how to test :man_facepalming:t3:

Tooooo bloody cold to be sat in the garage fixing things at the mo :cold_face:

That’s the first mistake. You need a workshop in the house!

Every man deserves a warm cave…


For future reference I recommend liquid tape rather than using insulation tape for covering solder joints. Regular tape has a habit of lifting/moving, especially if you’re flying in damp conditions.

Liquid tape bonds to the solder joints and circuit board and is more resistant to rubbing. But at the same time it’s fairly easy to remove if you want to do some re-wiring. I also use it when joining wires when I don’t have a suitable diameter heatshrink.

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Well still looking into this one, must say I didnt realize I had another 2units in my odds and sods box. May have found the problem with 1 of them, not sure what part of the vista that is ? but defo looks unhealthy.

I also came across these guys shame there in Europe as may be tempted to send all 3 off for repair.

Just testing these vista’s and had an idea, maybe a stupide question but could I power up my vista via a 9v battery ??.

Reason I ask is this would make repairing them a lot quicker as I could repair/test them in my dinner hour at work :+1:t3:

I doubt it. Maybe 2 or 3 pp3’s in parallel. They’ll only give about an amp each. But in parallel the amp availability will go up

A small 3S will fit in your pocket, just don’t fall over and land on it though :scream: