Vista replacement antenna, and activating new vista

I’ve had a quick search and can’t really find any recommendations for vista replacement antenna (LHCP, UFL I believe?) Seems lost the cap off of mine yesterday (didn’t crash much so strange that one). It works (just the cap off the twisting looks fine, and flew to a long distance watching the quality after had noticed anyway), but better get some spares anyways… So recommendations, I see UMT have pack of 2 foxeers for £15 which isn’t too bad!

Next… I bought a neb pro kit (just a little “panic” buy as who knows if caadx will continue the camera), and not decided what to put it on yet (though my darwin having video issues, so the babyhawk might get a little digital update, and it’s analogue kit moves to the darwin…). As I’ve only done one vista before, can’t remember if it needs “firmware” updates, so 1) How do I do that, 2) Hiow I make sure it’s the right version and 3) Should I do this and activate it just in case DJI somehow block it (I see updates potentially coming soon with the new goggles immanent)…

Loads out there at the moment, any lhcp ufl antenna will do the job but TrueRC singularity are really good and in stock at Drone Authority :+1:t2:

They apparently have lots of parts for the cameras and wont just bin them so they should be making the cameras for a while yet :crossed_fingers:t2:

It will need activating using the fpv version of DJI Assistant 2. Then you can update the firmware using this too. Im pretty sure its only the goggle firmware that can cause issues with blocking root access but have a quick google for youtube videos to confirm. Its been a while since Ive had to do it too lol There is a whole thread about the goggle firmware and the root block on here somewhere but cant find it right now