VR headset

Can anyone recommend a VR headset to use with iPhone 11 for flying with Litchi please?

I thought VR headsets were illegal in the UK!

Thankfully, they’re not.

As far as I’m aware you just have to have someone with you to act as a spotter.


Thanks for that update, I have always read it as the pilot must always be in visual contact with his/her drone.

That has given me food for thought.

Colin, the thinking seems to be that if you are wearing a headset you have an excellent view in one direction only. You are blind to the sides and rear.

A spotter can say “You have a 'kingreat Chinnook coming up behind. drop down immediately” or something similar. So solo goggles bad, googles and observer fine. :slight_smile:

Thanks for that!! Think I might look for some googles :joy: :joy:

SORRY :pensive:

If using litchi for the FPV view then any headset on Amazon that will take your phone is fine.
DJI goggles work with quite a few of their drones. Not all though.
I recently purchased the DJI goggles and can say I’m very impressed.
You DO NEED a spotter though when wearing. All goggles only give a view that the camera sees.
It takes a bit of getting used too but it helps with framing shots and video. Plus perfect view in sun light.

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I did order some DESTEK version 5 with Bluetooth remote for around £45 from amazon but sent them back the next day as wasn’t impressed with them I didn’t get chance to try them with Litchi though. I was hoping for a particular brand recommendation if anyone can help👍

I recall a couple of YouTube vids that discussed this specifically. Try a search on there.


Bought a Techrise one and tried it out today with Litchi. It was ok but very strange to use and not really impressed with picture quality. Don’t think I will be using it much as I can’t see how you can change camera settings and such as your flying.

Not sure on this. On the DJI goggles the left side is a touch pad to access such features. The goggles can be used standalone with the controller requiring no phone or tablet. Not all things available though. For example home lock or course lock.
It is an unusual feeling and you are aware that you have no side or rear view which is a little odd to begin with.
The goggles are coming down in price on gumtree etc. If your curious and don’t want to spend the money you could try the Fatllama website and see if anyone hires them out. Cheap way to try the experience.

The only camera drone I use a headset with is the Parrot Anafi. Parrot came out with the FPV Pack with their Cockpit3 headset. However I found the exact same headset for less than £10, under a different name, on eBay. The Anafi App also has profiles for different popular headsets. Using my Huawei P30 Lite I’ve found the image comparable to that of my friends DJI headset when used with his Mavic Pro.

As for needing a spotter requirement. This was obviously brought about by someone who’d never flown FPV. If you’re flying in an area that has next to no footfall e.g My two flying areas are my backyard (micro-quads and whoops) and my privately owned flying field where if there was a stray wanderer they would be trespassing anyway, the only concern would be sub 400ft aircraft. If the aircraft was below 400ft then my EPO foam wing or mini-quad would be the least of its problems. Secondly, even with a spotter we’d hear the aircraft long before it became visible.

I’m not suggesting a spotter should be disregarded altogether. Many do fly in areas where if they become directionally confused and/or they could otherwise become an issue to others, then a spotter would be essential. The problem lies in that the powers that be only see the worst, and in most cases least probable scenario, and then place over reaching restrictions to encompass everything. Though sometimes in short supply common sense is often the most effective protection.

I’m sorry if it’s a bit obtuse but it’s Sunday, perfect weather for my large sailplanes, and my wife has cancelled all shore leave to go shoe shopping :rage::rage::rage:


While I agree with you I am also aware that those who read and write here are the kind of people who tend toward the responsible and sensible.

Unfortunately for us there are other people out there who are either unaware of any regulations pertaining to UAVs or choose to ignore the rules then plaster their “achievements” all over the social media. They are the ones who create the climate where drones are seen as dangerous and anti-social and in need of tight control.