Wahheeeyyy I finally got round to finishing my drone reel

Hello all you pilot legends!!!

Well after months of learning to fly the mavic, buying cool little extras and getting out there and finding cool stuff to film I finally got round to editing it all together and making a 6 month anniversary drone reel…feel free to share, comment, repost on any social media and otherwise enjoy :slight_smile:


Nice film dude, I know that Senvion wind turbine site well. Loved the shot over the tractor!

Little word of warning those turbines use high-frequency line of sight transmitters on top of the nacelle. If you were inline it will without fail mess with the comms to the drone. As for the CNF you flew directly over feel free to drop what you like on them (pile of s***)

Keep up the good work looking forward to the next one.



Loved the madman thumbs up half way through :rofl:

So what’s it like being several hundred feet up, instead of several hundred feet under water?

Thanks for sharing :+1:

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Good to know! :+1:

Thanks for the praise and also thanks for the heads up…I didn’t know that at all and will bear that in mind in the future…I take it the CNF is the little turbine?

And which part of the nacelle should I watch out for, and which direction is the transmitter (i’m guessing in all directions)


Is there any way to know which direction their transmitters are directed?

Their directed at the next turbine. One turbine will house all of the network cards and remote portals.

For example turbine 1 (master will house the comms then 2,3,4,5…so on are slaves that transmit back to 1. The device is mounted on the weather deck on top at the rear on a 360 bearing so it can move with wind direction.

Also the bigger power company’s are looking at fitting jammers to stop drones on their sites. We have one site all ready fitted out. (I just turn the MCB off when I want to fly).

Bottom line stay around 20 meters from turbines.

Ps: sorry for hijacking your thread dude.


well done, nice to see the countryside from that perspective :+1:

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Useful info. Thanks.

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Is that 20m minimum from all turbines, or 20m from the weather deck of any turbine?

Also…would the jammer devices cover the whole field in which the turbine was situated?

Jammers are located in the substations on site and boosters on the towers, It will cover the whole site so it’s site dependant due to size and number of turbines.

20 meters from all turbines, purely for the safety of the drone. Those turbines in your video are 2MW output which is around 13,000nm of torque on the rotor, a drone would be smashed to bits.

This video shows someone getting to close. You will see in the video he shows you what he saw on his screen, it went fuzzy and black due to coming inline with a line of sight device.


Ye built in Ireland, and it must of been designed on St Patrick’s day. I’ve seen those shoot blades from the hub (part that connects all three blades) 30meters down the field.

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Do they need an OFCOM licence to use jammers like that?

Interesting stuff, I had no idea about this kind of thing!

So some sound advice would also be to set your RTH height really high so you don’t fly straight through the turbine blade path when your signal gets cut :smiley:

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I honestly wouldn’t know completely different department. I could find out! I would say it’s all above board as the amount of money in the wind industry is mental!

Actually its (currently) highly illegal to jam radio frequencies in the UK, even the police need a warrant to do so!
Any use of jamming in future regulation is currently pure speculation!

Hey!! I’m just telling you they exist, I’ve seen it in the flesh. I don’t want them, but all that side of things are way above my pay grade.

not having a dig at you but at present if a drone were to crash because of a jammer, it would be illegal, so if the company you work for have installed them, and they are active, they are breaking the law…at present!

Hmmmm … so, go for a fly around wind turbines … drone falls out of the sky and breaks to bits … sue the turbine operator … new drone and lots of compensation!
… later, guys!
:wink: :wink: :wink:

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It’s a different company that fits them. We are just operations and maintenance. The Client will have paid for a separate company to fit them as it’s not something our company do or even offer.

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