Walk along the beach

Joined GA only yesterday, total newbie to drones, 1 week flying my DJIm3P & also learning video and editing.This 4k was put together in iMovie with their ‘Western’ colour grade. Comments gratefully received.



I really like that colour grade for a beach scene.

Did you shoot in D-cinelike?

Thanks @anon57276961. I’m not up the flying learning curve enough yet to try anything above basics so these clips were shot “as is” and the grade applied using iMovies filter. I think for the beach it worked really well as the DJI colour had been just a tiny bit cooler. :+1:

Hiya Jon

Look at our good friend Ian in London on YouTube, he’s got loads of videos to show how to get the best out of your Mini 3 (or other drone) and he’s one of our members as well.
You might want to slow your rates down a little bit on your yaw and gimbal movements, and adjust the smoothness to suit, that’ll get rid of any jerkiness in the video.

I love Ian in London YT vids. I have learned so much from him.

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Thanks @Hotrodspike, I’ll have a browse on YT for Ian’s channel.
Yes, the jerky bits I’d noticed and just need to get some flight time to practice my movements and back off the control sensitivities on the RC controller too. :+1:

@ianinlondon bit of fan mail for you in the thread :wink:

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Well if that’s your first try really well done - yes the colour grade really suits the scene. Some of the digital zoom doesn’t look quite as good for picture quality on a larger (27") screen but great video & music, which I really enjoyed. Where was it shot? :grinning:

Thanks Xpro, lots of lovely beaches in N. Wales, just right for a new flyer to practice on. I literally flew the mini3 for the first time last Friday so I’m pleased I can get something watchable with just 2-3 hours stick time.Appreciating the Constructive comments, just need more flight time now.
I edited on the iPad Pro and there iMovie is slightly better than the laptop version. Music was included in the iMovie soundtrack library, Chill section, “Dreaming” by Helios - seemed to fit the nice chilled environment.

Hi was that Harlech castle?