Walking the dog with a Drone


And after the video finished the dog had no tail left and a few bald spots lol

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Lucky for that guy just having to use a phantom…
It’s murder launching the Reaper for my two…

Wouldn’t be any good for my dog. He’s scared sh**less of my M3P and cowers in the corner as soon as he hears it start up. No real reason as he doesn’t mind the vacuum cleaner, hair dryer, fan or any other electrical appliance.

I was walking Charlie, my friend’s saluki, through the churchyard. He spotted a squirrel. Suddenly there was a whoosh and he wasn’t there. And the spring lead reeled back into its casing. There with a bent piece of spring steel at the end of the lead which was formerly the clip that hooked onto Charlie’s collar.

When a dog (even this little) spots a squirrel . . . cross out “drone” and write “drogue”.